Fire and Hemlock

I will probably chiefly use this to find and post fandom-related pictures. Perhaps especially wrt One Piece, although there are many other manga, anime, and non-Japanese comics I like. (I'm a major Love and Rockets fan, for instance).

More quotes from Tom Spurgeon’s wonderful piece on Jaime Hernandez’ The Love Bunglers

"Much has been and will be made as to how these new Jaime Hernandez comics call on plots and characters and narratives from years gone by. That’s not a criticism. We can’t let that be a criticism. Let me suggest that it’s outright bracing to read a cartoonist that isn’t negotiating with a perceived, ideal readership but simply making the comics he wants to make as great as he can make them… (…) At this point in the remarkable career of Jaime Hernandez, we should all be doing whatever it takes to get to him, not the other way around. It’s a privilege to be reading, writing and thinking about comics while he’s in the process of making them."

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